Biden Chooses Kamala Harris To Help Save Democracy by Robert Covington Jr.

As an elderly white man with the battle scars of politics, a career of achievement and disappointment, and the realization of his dream of becoming President of the United States within his grasp, Joe Biden’s deliberations with himself for his choice of Vice President must have been intense.

Biden, a lifelong white moderate with progressive sensibilities at times, instinctively might have preferred another white moderate to be on the ticket. This is not a far-fetched assumption given Biden’s career in Washington that trained him to approach politics with legislative incrementalism, having friendships with racists within the Republican Party and not wanting to be seen as too much of a threat to the sustenance and disproportionate influence of corporate power. The reports of Biden engaging in a lengthy interview with white moderate Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer in the final stages of Vice President search adds validity to this contention.

If one were to believe that Biden’s first inclination was to choose a white moderate to be Vice President, he also could have looked at current state polling showing him with small to commanding leads and convinced himself that choosing a white person would not hurt him in the long run.

We also know that Joe Biden was under a lot of political pressure to select a black woman to be Vice President. Black leaders within and outside of Congress were calling for this selection and framed this decision as critical to Democrats regaining the White House in 2021. Biden was fully aware that his proximity and association with former President Barack Obama and the significant endorsement of South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn has raised black awareness as to how important we have been to Biden’s presidential aspirations, which up until now has failed miserably.

To his credit, Biden huddled up with his conscience and the forces of history and decided to do his part in helping save American democracy by choosing Kamala Harris to be his Vice President. By choosing Harris, Biden is telling black, brown and asian girls that a black woman will help save this country and our democracy. By choosing Harris, Biden is telling black people that our voice matters in shaping the future of this republic and that black turnout will be critical to achieving this goal.

By choosing Harris, Biden is telling white Americans that he does not trust them in doing their part in voting out the malicious narcissistic psychopath Donald Trump out of office. We can assume that one of Biden’s advisers made his toes curl up with alarm by showing him recent polling showing that if the election were held today, 50% of white Americans would vote for Trump to continue his corruption, racism, cruelty and his methodical tearing down of democracy, the rule of law and the constitution.

On the assumption in Biden’s belief in his own competence and success as President, he is telling the Democratic Party that Kamala Harris should be given strong consideration to be the next President of the United States. Biden in the past has talked about being the bridge to future leaders and the selection of Harris should be acknowledgment of not only her ambition that mirrored his own, but also appreciating it.

Biden should be proud that he has chosen Kamala Harris to work alongside him in this fight to save the nation. The fight ahead to being elected and saving this democracy will be one of the biggest fights this country has ever faced. We are dealing with human evil with Donald Trump, the entire Republican Party and the dangerously corrupt Attorney General Bill Barr. These are powerful forces of ruthlessness and psychopathy that is backed by big money that continues to put profit over the well-being of people.

The countervailing force to evil and authoritarianism is democratic participation by its citizens. Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris to be his Vice President will inspire activity, sacrifice and commitment to a cause bigger than ourselves. And for that reason alone, the promise of a vibrant, multiracial American democracy still has a chance.

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