Donald Trump Fantasizes That He’s Barack Obama by Robert Covington Jr.

With the invaluable assistance from the Kurds, American intelligence and military personnel was able to successfully complete the mission that resulted in the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi via suicide. However, as reports indicate, this mission was able to achieve its objective, not because of President Trump, but in spite of him.

Nevertheless, and as expected, Trump attempted to turn this positive news story into another opportunity to compare himself to former President Barack Obama. Trump spoke in front of the cameras and tried to convince himself and Americans that the death of Baghdadi was more significant than the death of Osama Bin Laden, which happened due to the order given by Obama and the successful operation that carried it out. Besides the fact that most Americans never heard of Baghdadi, the emotional and historical significance of killing Bin Laden, given what happened on 9/11, makes his claim to be blatantly untrue.

At first glance, Trump’s incessant preoccupation with Obama appears to be Trump exercising the most primitive elements of competition in the public domain — for him to be able to say or prove that he’s a better president than Obama. But any observer that is grounded in reality — knows that this is not even worthy of a serious discussion. Donald Trump will go down as the most corrupt and traitorous president in American history.

To better understand the driving force behind Trump’s obsession with Obama, it’s important that we look to mental health experts for some guidance. As I’ve referenced many times before, 37 mental health experts wrote the best-selling book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. This book, along with articles written by book contributors Bandy Lee and Elizabeth Mika, have helped us understand Trump’s probable character disorder of malignant narcissistic psychopathy and the inevitable destruction that results from having a person like Trump achieve this amount of power.

To see the connection of Trump to Obama, it’s good to remember that one of the defining features to Trump’s character illness is his idealized version of himself of being the best at everything, a stable genius and the constant need for adulation just to temporarily feel good about himself. We know in his dark soul, Trump is painfully aware of who he really is — an empty, loveless human being that hates himself so deeply, that he’s created an alternate reality mired in delusions and grandiosity to avoid the truth of his scarred humanity.

By keeping this in mind, it’s easy to see how Trump’s unconscious mind is likely filled with fantasies, wish fulfillment and unattainable desires to be Barack Obama because he represents a real life version of everything that he’s NOT — and that is what fuels his retribution and vengeance that underlies his policy and rhetorical response to Obama.

Trump knows the legislative achievements of the Iran nuclear deal, ACA and Paris climate deal by Obama was built on consensus, patience and compromise. Everything that Trump is incapable of building or doing.

Trump knows that Obama came from humble beginnings and built his late in life wealth on the depth of his intellect and masterful ability to write and speak. Trump knows that his wealth was built on inheritance, fraud and abuse of people’s good will and pliable laws that favor the rich. Trump knows that the real stable genius is Obama and not him.

Trump knows that Obama was raised by white Americans (his mom and maternal grandparents) that nurtured him with unconditional love. It’s psychological torture for racist Trump knowing that his white parents were likely ashamed of him and wanted to spend as little time around him as possible.

Trump knows that Obama is a true patriot and fundamentally believes in the promise of America. Trump knows that he’s so personally corrupt that he would try to take down democracy and betray his own country without hesitation. Trump’s birtherism shenanigans was primarily born out of envy of Obama’s sincere and gut feeling Americanness, not the twisted portrayal given by Trump to question his citizenship.

Trump knows that Obama and his family have carried themselves with class and a believable display of genuine love and affection. Trump knows that he’s incapable of loving anything and that he’s taught his adult aged children how to be ruthless, narcissistic and entitled. The Obama marriage and Trump marriages? Let’s not even go there.

Donald Trump is a severely damaged man and his mind must feel like he’s experiencing psychological warfare every day that he wakes up trying to navigate his own self-hatred. This must be a horrifying way to live. And that is why Trump will never let go of Obama. For Trump, Obama will always be a reminder of his own inadequacy. He fantasizes about being Obama while destroying his legacy because he’s incapable of being anything close to Obama outside of having two legs and two arms.

Another example of how the sad, pathetic life of Donald Trump and his fantasies become a nightmare for the rest of us.

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