Donald Trump Has Coronavirus And Democrats Need To Demand His Resignation by Robert Covington Jr.

The highly contagious and deadly virus known as COVID-19 has found its way into one of the worst human beings on the planet, Donald Trump. The law of averages, karma, persistent irresponsibility, malignant narcissism and fate suggest that it was only matter of time.

As a nation, we’ve watched pundits, journalists, politicians and newspapers preface any comments made about Trump’s current health situation with prayers and a speedy recovery for the nation’s top abuser of American democracy, institutions and health of the estimated 328 million Americans. What healthy country does this? As a nation, we’ve allowed ourselves to accept an evil man to remain in office even though it is in plain view that Trump continues to engage in criminal negligence when it comes to his handling of the coronavirus. At every turn of this deadly disease since it landed in America, Trump has shown malicious intent and indifference to our families, community and society.

Imagine if Americans turned on the TV and saw a man going to a shopping mall and started shooting innocent civilians with an AK-47 rifle, no American in their right mind would expect the police to give the gunman permission to empty out his clips before they arrest him. The expectation is that the police would intervene as soon as possible to stop the actions of terror. If people were wounded from this event, we would expect charges of attempted murder. If people died from this rampage, we would expect charges of homicide due to mass murder.

What is different about Donald Trump admitting that he withheld information from Americans as to how deadly and transmissible the virus is — and for nine months through policy and actions intentionally harmed the public? We have reputable studies that show Trump has been largest driver of coronavirus misinformation in the world! We have watched seven million Americans become inflicted with the coronavirus and hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens have died a debilitating and isolating death because Trump purposely failed to protect us. Trump is incapable of protecting us.

What does it say about a nation that is trying to convince itself that the deliberate killing of Americans by Trump is acceptable until election day, November 3rd, even though he would remain in office until January 20th 2020? What does it say about a nation that is allowing itself to be subjected to a president and his enabling Republican Party that is actively trying to steal the election and further descend America into an authoritarian form of government? What does it say about a nation that has public information that its own president is a traitor, is in enormous debt and is likely compromised by a foreign adversary — yet we have not passionately and uniformly call for his removal from office?

It is time for the Democratic Party to pressure the Republican Party and demand that Donald Trump receive a psychiatric evaluation and ask for his immediate resignation in the process. The Democratic Party needs to speak to the American people on national television about the ongoing threat to public health Trump poses and how increasingly reckless he has become. Democrats need to have a nightly press conference with its leaders on all of the major networks and news-oriented cable stations carrying it live for all the world to see.

America needs bold and honest leadership from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to capture the gravity of this dangerous moment in our history. Trump’s predictable and pathological reaction will only highlight, once again, how psychologically impaired and unfit he is to remain in office. Republicans need to feel the pressure of the Democrats with the seriousness and urgency that it deserves.

The media should follow the Democrats lead by airing the nightly news conference with intense and unrelenting questioning of every Republican to respond to Trump’s behavior. Even if Republicans avoid, lie and continue to support this out of control sociopath, the Democratic focus and media’s persistence will negatively impact the Republican chances at the polls and give voice to the millions of Americans that want this form of suffering to end. History is already looking at this dark chapter with immense sadness, at least the Democrats can end it with an asterisk of courage on behalf of a wounded nation.

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