Election Day Is Here and Americans Will Save Our Democracy by Robert Covington Jr.

My body is not happy with me. These past two days I’ve gotten little sleep. Thoughts and feelings of fear, anxiety and nervousness have brought on an uncomfortable restlessness. At times, my anger intensifies whenever I think about the growing confidence of evil that fills the nation under the direction of Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

But election day is finally here and there is a palpable understanding of millions of Americans that democracy is on the ballot. That continued evil is on the ballot. That unfettered tyranny, corruption and authoritarianism is on the ballot. America is seriously wounded right now. And therefore, I, along with a majority of my fellow Americans will save our democracy today.

Today, I must remind myself of those black soldiers that joined the Union Army to fight in the Civil War and helped defeat the white traitors of the Confederacy and saved this democracy.

Today, I must remind myself of the women’s suffrage movement that brought women closer to equality under the law, even though there were many men that never wanted to see it happen.

Today, I must remind myself of black Reconstruction as America’s best evidence thus far of when empowerment and ability are given an opportunity to show itself, the nation becomes stronger because of it.

Today, I must remind myself that these historic numbers of early voting turnout likely represent a majority of Americans that want Trump removed from office. Our fellow Americans standing three to eight hours in line to vote will not be in vain.

Today, I believe that a majority of Americans will have in their hearts, our fellow Americans that died an isolated, lonely death because of the coronavirus.

Today, I must believe that the polls, amid its many imperfections, will be accurate in its prediction of Biden winning a majority of states.

Today, I must remind myself of the outward expression of resistance that we saw with the women’s marches and the George Floyd protests will make a difference.

Today, I must remind myself that there are millions of young Latino, White, Black and Asian Americans voting for a better future, and clearly understand that it cannot have Donald Trump in it.

Today, I must believe that the Democrats will have a Senate majority when all the votes are finally cast. A democratic majority gives the country its best chance to strengthen our democracy.

Today, I must believe that the mental health experts and national security experts that have been out there sounding the alarm, will have an impact on voting in saving our democracy.

Today, I refuse to be anything other than optimistic, until I have a reason to be otherwise. My day is going to be filled with hope that is accompanied with action. There has been too much pain, suffering and denial about who we are heading into this election. For the past four years, we’ve been consumed by another man’s self-hatred, dangerous personality disorder and cruelty. Today, enough Americans will acknowledge the ugliness of who we have been and vote for a better America. I strongly believe it.

By the end of the night, there will be some clarity as to the margin of victory for Biden and the Democratic Party. On November 4th, I promise to get some sleep.

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