God Exposed Vice President Mike Pence To Be The Religious Con Man He’s Always Been by Robert Covington Jr.

For most of my life, whenever things went as planned or not, I embraced the adage: “God is in control of all things.” This saying is deeply rooted in the belief that there is a higher power that guides us, humbles us and exposes us as human beings. It is a perspective that never leaves me as I navigate earth and apply to understanding life events and circumstances of others.

As America endured four years of Donald Trump, God exposed the hypocrisy, character and fraudulence of so many people that claimed or professed to be something that they were not. One of the people that immediately comes to mind is the soon to be former Vice President Mike Pence. For most of his adult political life, Pence has tried to cultivate an image of him being a man of God and a humble servant of Jesus Christ. Pence could easily quote scripture and tried to frame his life and political decisions under the rubric of righteousness and certainty that God has given his blessing to do what he does.

However, a true, loving and empathic God watched Mike Pence slander, misuse and abuse his name time and time again. A true, loving, and empathic God watched Pence align himself with a Republican Party that organizationally represents the antithesis of love, compassion and care when it comes to policies and its actions. Pence’s power grew within the Republican Party and he earned the respect of craven and callous men and women that distanced themselves from a loving God a long time ago.

It is clear Mike Pence never got the memo that “God is in control of all things” because his lust for power and narcissism convinced himself that aligning with Trump would be good for his career and that he could maintain the façade of being a religious man and God’s humble servant. Pence constant abuse of God’s name reached a pinnacle of audacity and God said enough is enough. God decided it was time to expose this Godless man and used Trump as the vehicle of repudiation and revelation.

Mike Pence’s subservience to Trump during his dark and evil presidency served as a reminder that Pence never understood God, never had a relationship with God and that he too was a soulless monster at his core. Pence turned his head or covered up his own sins and complicity in the carnage and catastrophe. Pence rationalized barbarity of migrant separation, supported criminal negligence and participated in the corruption of government and America’s best ideals.

As things got worse and out of control, Pence did not turn to God for salvation, repentance and strength. Pence narcissistically decided to deepen the alliance with Trump. He winked at Trump’s grandiosity and paranoia, embraced Trump’s alternate world of reality and its human costs to those of us in the real world and succumbed to fear of man instead of fear of God. Pence was unmoved by the deaths, the inhumanity or the threats to his own life. His loyalty to Trump never wavered when it mattered most.

Mike Pence was always a racist, a right-wing extremist and a religious con man. Mike Pence will forever be linked to Trump’ evil and infamy. And it is likely that Pence will use God’s name in the future as he tries to reinvent himself after the ruins attached to his name as soon to be Vice President. But Pence will never escape the demons that defines his spirit or his past, and we have a true, loving and empathic God to thank for reminding us of that.

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