Robert Covington
5 min readJun 7, 2021

Joe Manchin Finally Decides To Tell The World That He Is A Racist White Man by Robert Covington Jr.

It’s time for America and the Democratic Party to be very clear about why Senator Joe Manchin is adamantly opposed to getting rid of the filibuster. Joe Manchin is a wealthy, racist white man that finally left no doubt as to how racist he truly is with his recently posted op-ed outlining his opposition to HR1, the singularly most comprehensive attempt to protect voting rights and strengthening democracy produced in the last fifty years.

This pathetic article is filled with disingenuous claims, gaslighting, delusional projection, functional deniability, irrational conclusions not founded in fact, while suggesting Democrats are overreaching in their fight to protect democracy and coming to the defense of Republicans feelings. Manchin says this: “congressional action on federal voting rights legislation must be the result of both Democrats and Republicans coming together to find a pathway forward or we risk further dividing and destroying the republic we swore to protect and defend as elected officials.” Classic depiction of gaslighting. Manchin is utterly shameless by putting this out there. Manchin purposely avoids mentioning that it is Republicans across the country that are engaging in the assault on democracy with their sadistic, vengeful and anti-democratic racist voter suppression bills and are doing it for partisan and authoritarian gain and have no interest in stopping the attack.

Anyone that has been paying attention and being honest with themselves knew that it was going to come to this. For months, Manchin has made it clear over and over again that there would be no circumstance that would push him to get rid of the filibuster. Manchin tried his best to hide behind the bipartisanship lie, bad faith arguments and gaslighting for as long as he could. But it was inevitable that Manchin had to reveal his true racist self because the circumstances and pressure left him no other choice.

Like most racists, there’s denial and degrees to their racism. Senator Joe Manchin has a degree of tolerance, both politically and transactionally that allows him to comfortably interact with black people and black colleagues with civility, cordiality and genuine goodwill on certain things. Manchin is comfortable having lunch with black colleagues and supporting black nominees and legislation that does not overtly suggest black empowerment that jeopardizes his core identity as a conservative white man from a state that is overwhelmingly poor, white, and based on the collective voting patterns, racist.

Senator Manchin on substantive issues has left NO doubt about his conviction and core beliefs in exercising white power and doing his part in protecting a restrictionist view of democracy. As previously stated, Manchin is against HR1 voting rights. Manchin has come out against DC statehood. Manchin, by keeping the filibuster in place, will stop LGBTQ legislation from being passed, immigration reform, ethics reform, police reform, Puerto Rican statehood and major gun reform. All of these areas of legislation would greatly strengthen democracy, increase accountability and put some real teeth in supporting the idea of an empowering multiracial democracy.

We can safely assume that Joe Manchin is aware of the numerous articles and books that have highlighted the racist patterns and history of the filibuster. That the filibuster has been the most valuable tool utilized by racist conservative white men when it comes to voting rights legislation. Manchin likely knows he is now part of that tradition. We can also safely assume that he is aware of Greg Sargent, the Washington Post columnist penning a column highlighting 100 scholars discussing the grave danger that democracy is in if the filibuster is not removed and voting rights are not protected. Manchin with his real power is saying to all of us that he doesn’t care and making it clear as to what he ultimately values and prioritizes — and it’s not democracy.

Senator Manchin’s core racist self is why he has allowed himself to be embarrassed by his Republican “friends” time and time again, and in the same breath, protect their interests. Manchin wasn’t able to produce a single vote on Biden’s signature COVID-19 economic rescue plan. Manchin thought that he would see 10 Republicans vote for the January 6th commission, but that did not happen because McConnell took joy in humiliating Manchin and that he knows his sycophant caucus. Manchin came out with a heavily worded statement of condemnation in their abdication to engage in basic democratic protections, but on the backend, Manchin is allowing them to destroy a truly representative democracy. Talk about audacity, cowardice and hypocrisy.

Privately, we can imagine that Manchin and Sinema are part of running jokes with certain members of the Republican caucus. Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, in his unyielding confidence that Manchin in the end is “one of them” when it really matters has publicly stated on Manchin: “We’ve got him nailed down.” And he was right.

Senator Joe Manchin is aware that the fallout from his decision to allow Republicans to continue with their assault on democracy will potentially have dire consequences for many of his Senate colleagues(Rev. Warnock from Georgia among others), President Biden’s agenda and Nancy Pelosi remaining Speaker of the House. Joe Manchin is also aware that the Democratic coalition has become more vulnerable to the evil power that resides in the hearts, minds and legislation that the Republican Party is producing across the country. These are not the actions of a true Democrat with a heart and soul and a genuine care about the negative direction that the country is taking. And without shame, Manchin will show up at the Democratic caucus knowing that he is an enemy from within.

At his core, Joe Manchin is a racist, rich white man with power and he exercised it with the values that reflect who he really is. I can imagine that it is probably of great relief on his part to no longer have to hide his racism anymore. Not only that, he’ll likely receive praise from a majority of West Virginians and the state legislature. The suffering, inconvenience and assault on American citizens on varying levels is of no consequence to this man. Manchin will continue to live the good life that being rich, male and white affords. Manchin will continue hanging out with Republicans on his boat and justifying his actions with an alternate reality that suits his egotistical and political needs.

America and democracy deserves better than rich, insensitive, racist white men like Joe Manchin as elected officials. The battle to save this country from revisiting its worst self just got harder, but the fight must go on.

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