Robert Covington
3 min readJun 23, 2021

Republicans Publicly Humiliate Senator Joe Manchin, Again by Robert Covington Jr.

The Republican Party continue to make it clear to everyone that is paying attention that they are the most dangerous, anti-democratic organization in the world with their latest maneuver to stop debate from happening on voting rights legislation.

The Republican Party continue to be open about their disdain for democracy and are making every attempt to dismantle what is left of it. But this can’t happen without willing partners in making it a reality. Yes, there is a Republican “base” that is predominantly white, perpetually angry, ignorant and desperate to cling to white identity for self-worth and meaning in defining their existence. And predictably, they are the easiest to exploit and manipulate. But they are the minority as a group relative to the combination of black, brown, asian and white Americans that side on saving democracy.

On the political side of things, Republican have allies that “technically” are Democrats, but their actions on issues that matter most to strengthening democracy, make it clear that they are Republican operatives helping them achieve their political goals of destroying American democracy. The two lead actors in this horrifying storyline are Senators Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin. Although the Republican Party deals with these two Senators differently, they still get the same desired result. I will focus on Manchin.

The Republican Party are taking particular pleasure in publicly embarrassing and humiliating Joe Manchin every chance they get. Once the sociopath, master manipulator and exploiter Minority Leader Mitch McConnell figured out Joe Manchin is just as racist as they are and won’t get rid of the filibuster, McConnell and his fellow Republicans have been open about destroying Joe Biden’s presidency and knee capping Democratic legislation and goals, while doing so at the expense of Joe Manchin’s ego.

Republicans have made sure that Manchin couldn’t deliver 10 Republican votes on anything, from the economic rescue plan, insurrection commission, to voting rights and everything else in between(infrastructure will be added to the list). Every time Manchin opens his mouth about Democratic legislation or seeking bipartisan support, McConnell has quickly come out against it, all but guaranteeing that Republicans will filibuster anything and everything.

Joe Manchin’s “Republican friends” have joined the ‘let us embarrass and humiliate Joe Manchin’ party with their lockstep alliance with McConnell with their votes or silence. Republicans appear to enjoy embarrassing and humiliating Manchin because he is not a sociopath like many of them and does appear to have a conscience. But they also know Manchin values his whiteness, maleness, wealth and conservative view of the world above all else. Given this fact operates within the Democratic caucus, gives them more satisfaction in reminding him of his own hypocrisy, weakness and contradictions in public.

We can only imagine how many jokes Republicans share with each other about what they are doing to Senator Joe Manchin in humiliating fashion. It must be pure joy for Republicans as they see Joe Manchin flail in public and get the ire of Democrats across the country.

They know Manchin will continue to take the hits, ignore the pressure and carry out Republican goals and objectives because in the end, he’s one of them when it matters most, a racist that lives in enormous privilege and wealth. Manchin made it clear that the “fallout” would be too big if he were to get rid of the filibuster. Manchin revealed his selfishness and cowardice with that statement. He fears losing his connections, alliances and circles of friends that reinforce his ego and elitist standing in the world.

For all the hope peddlers out here that react to his political theater of empty statements and suggestions of possible change, Senator Joe Manchin will not get rid of, or majorly reform the filibuster. And if that means continued public embarrassment and humiliation by Republicans, it is an experience that he is willing to endure.

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