Top Ten Reasons Why Donald Trump Is The Worst President Ever by Robert Covington Jr.

There is only one week left in the horrifying, destructive and destabilizing presidency of Donald Trump. The historical review of this presidency will always start off with the word ‘worst’ because that is how bad things have been under Trump. Here are ten different areas to capture the moment.

  1. Most corrupt president ever: Trump has acted with the belief that he is above the law and has shaken the foundation in America’s ideal that no one is above the law to its core, because, in large part Trump has not been held accountable for his lifetime of criminality that has occurred before and during office. Trump has granted contemptible pardons meant to shield and protect him against his own criminal behavior. Trump may attempt the unprecedented act of trying to pardon himself. Lawyers from around the country have stated Trump’s obstruction of justice would lead to indictment and criminal charges. Trump’s extensive history of tax fraud and having more officials from his administration indicted and charged with crimes than any other president in American history. This, along with other acts of corruption that is too long to enumerate here, gives Trump this title without rival.
  2. Worst public health response by an American president in history: Donald Trump’s criminally negligent and malicious response to the coronavirus will stain this country forever. Over 20 million sick and 340,000 dead and counting because of Trump’s indifference to human life. The only thing worse than Trump’s ease at killing Americans is the nation’s tolerance in allowing it to happen.
  3. Most mentally unstable president ever: There is a fascinating study completed by Duke University professors indicating about half of American presidents between 1776 to 1974 may have had some form of mental health challenges. Abraham Lincoln’s likely depression did not stop him from becoming an iconic and consequential president when the salvation in the ideals of American democracy needed him most. But Donald Trump is an amalgamation of destructive character, personality disorders of the worst kind. Trump’s psychopathy has gone untreated and unabated for most of his adult life. It has helped manifest paranoia and delusional behavior in a man so detached from reality, Trump’s dangerous instability has been a detriment of himself, Americans and the world. It may take generations to fully recover from the damage done by this deranged and sick individual.
  4. Worst human being as president: American history is filled with horrible human beings that became president. Men like Woodrow Wilson and Andrew Jackson immediately come to mind. But Trump is a special kind of awful. Trump’s high potency of cruelty, malignant narcissism and grandiosity would have pushed him to become the biggest plantation and slaveowner the world has ever seen if he were an adult when enslavement was legal. Trump’s functional human evil made him destined for infamy, regardless of what time period he was born into.
  5. America’s traitorous president: Trump has aligned himself with Russian president Vladimir Putin over his own American intelligence agencies in front of the world and his subservience to America’s number one enemy Russia and Putin over the past four years will go down as arguably the biggest scar on America in history.
  6. Worst presidential image to the rest world in history: America’s image and standing in the world has reached a shameful and comical level of disgrace. America has become a laughingstock around the world these past four years. Alliances have been broken and the world watched as Trump aligned himself with dictators around the world.
  7. Dumbest president ever: Trump’s low level of intelligence will be examined as part of the holistic review into understanding this wretched man. But there will be no doubt that the degree of his stupidity, laziness, lack of insight, inability to understand complex information and five-year old level needs of stimulation will reflect how our nation has shamefully dumbed down the presidency to a level never seen before.
  8. Worst presidential marriage: There have been some bad presidential marriages, but Trump and his marriage to Melania will go down as the worst ever. Yes, we know that Melania has accepted Trump’s sexual assault history and adultery that was so pervasive, that one of his acts of infidelity may lead to criminal charges once he is officially out of office. We have seen Trump embarrass and ignore his wife in public, but we should never minimize her agency in creating this toxic tag team that has disgraced the office. Melania’s support of Trump’s racist birtherism attacks against former president Barack Obama, her plagiarism of convenience, public displays of insensitivity toward communities and nations and her fraudulent Be Best initiative that reflects her own ability to con others. Like Donald, Melania cannot be shamed and future examination by historians into their dynamic will conclude that this tandem will only be role models to barracudas, leeches and gremlins.
  9. Worst presidential response to an economic crisis in modern history: This period of coronavirus economic misery because of Trump and the Republican Party is often compared to the Recession of 2008 and the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Under Trump, at one point, a record number of 40 million Americans had to file for unemployment and the number of children experiencing hunger. But it will be Trump’s apathetic response and inability to lead that separates him from the rest.

Goodbye Donald Trump.

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Robert Covington

Robert Covington

Political and Social Writer

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