Robert Covington
3 min readMar 14, 2024

Trump Should Pick Black Sellout Senator Tim Scott As His VP by Robert Covington Jr.

The list of men of stature and positions of power who have been humiliated by Donald Trump or disgraced themselves on behalf of protecting Trump over the years is very long. Men such as Alabama racist Jeff Sessions were embarrassed and humiliated by the former President by the time he left his position as Attorney General. Senators Marco Rubio, Lindsay Graham, and Ted Cruz are regularly on bended knee to Trump and have become reliable apologists for Trump’s inhumanity time and time again.

We’ve watched the Department of Justice become a Department of Corruption under Bill Barr as he became a henchman for ignoring or sanctioning Trump’s blatant criminality. We’ve seen military men of prior high regard, like John Kelly, become cowards of the lowest regard as he watched in horror and fear the daily unfitness and dangerousness of Trump and decided not to warn the public when it mattered most. The Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice John Roberts, has become a cesspool of corruption, and we’ve watched the radicalization of Supreme Court Justices to the point where it houses a Justice who is married to a person who attempted to subvert democracy.

Yet, as we sit here today, Donald Trump’s dangerousness, criminality, treasonous behavior, and authoritarian ambitions still have him walking the streets as a free man and the likely Republican Presidential candidate again. And because our presidential system calls for a Vice President to be a running mate, Trump will have to choose someone soon.

I believe Donald Trump should choose Senator Tim Scott as his running mate. Indeed, Yes, Scott’s politics on issues such as voter suppression, anti-abortion, climate change denying, and lax gun laws are compatible with Trump, but the reason why Scott is perfect for Trump is he would be slavishly reliable in praising his master with glee. It is public record that Trump is a racist white supremacist who wanted to see innocent black men go to prison for life, used policy to enact his racism, and verbalized dehumanizing language when it comes to black women. But to a self-hating black man like Tim Scott, this means nothing to him.

Over the years and in recent months, we’ve seen Scott defend, support, and promote Donald Trump to disgusting new heights. Tim Scott humiliates himself daily as he talks about Trump restoring America’s greatness with a straight face, knowing full well that this is the first president in our history who tried to destroy and overthrow American democracy. Scott speaks of his Christian faith - but in the same breath, supports Trump knowing full well that Trump is a man charged with 91 crimes, a judge declared him a rapist in a defamation suit that cost him 83 million dollars, other women have previously alleged he’s a sexual abuser, and about to begin a criminal trial regarding hush money scheme related to him sleeping with a porn star while his wife was home pregnant with his son.

Senator Tim Scott is a black sellout clown who is a disgrace to the black community that produced him. Scott is not worried about what black people think of him because black people already dislike him in his home state of South Carolina. The lack of self-regard and self-hatred would make him attractive to Trump because it would be made for TV to see a black man speaking about him in messianic terms. America would get a front-row seat to parody, caricature, and shamelessness as they watch a black man aggressively and proudly support a white supremacist for the highest office in the land. Trump is going to have a field day laughing and joking with his white friends and employees behind closed doors, saying things like: “Look at the n….r/black guy speak so well and highly of me. But I chose him because he knows I love people who kiss my feet and will do what I say.”

The tandem of Scott and Trump would feed off each other’s calculated narcissism — both are a disgrace to the country, and both are an internal threat to the nation. Two sick individuals aligned together for the unworthiest of goals. Trump, make it happen, announce Tim Scott as your running mate, and make the clown show official.

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